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SK Sakib
Apr 04, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
That competes with DPG Media's own (digital) subscriptions and generates too little income for them. Blendle would even Whatsapp Number List be 'cannibalizing'. Supply of Dutch-language newspapers on Blendle in April 2022 Offer of Dutch-language newspapers on Blendle on April 1, 2022, via Are your own subscription forms more interesting? You could say that Blendle acted as training wheels until newspaper publishers could cycle themselves. Because nowadays (daily) newspapers themselves seem to be successful in offering and selling digital subscriptions. Would you like to Whatsapp Number List read the NRC and the Volkskrant now? Then you have to take out different subscriptions again. Paying for access to journalistic articles or a library with a wide range of video content or reading and listening material has become the most natural thing in the world. Partly due to subscription forms such as Blendle's and the increase in pay walls at online newspapers. But Subscriptions to individual content creators, including journalists, are also on the rise. I wrote about this Sin an earlier Weekly . I was skeptical, Whatsapp Number List because by taking out a separate subscription for everything, it becomes fragmented and I feel like I keep making (small) payments. In the Villamedia newsletter , Nick Kivits cites an article by tech and media journalist

SK Sakib

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